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T h e r a n     E n c y c l o p e d i a

In this section, you will find a wide variety of research findings and articles that pertain to Thera, (aka Santorini) of the past and present.  This section includes; papers from the proceedings of the 1978, 1989 and 1997 conferences. There is also a wealth of academic papers and research contributions from university and other institutions NGO’s.  

Most notably we have uploaded the entire findings and publications of a recent extensive regional developmental study prepared by the School of Urban Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Developed as part of an ongoing cooperation with the Thera Foundation and the Community of the Island of Santorini, we hope that this study will further impact the spatial development of the islands communities.

As this is an open-content site, should you have any paper of your own you would like to upload we encourage you to send us an email so as to be invited and join our community.

Recent Entries

The House of the Ladies
The House of the Ladies is one of the northernmost buildings to have been uncovered at the site of Akrotiri.
The West House
Of all the buildings at Akrotiri, the West House is the one which has been most thoroughly investigated.
Building Complex Delta
There are four entrances to Complex Delta, corresponding to the four points of the compass and indicating that the building comprises four independent but ...
Building Beta
Building Beta has been so badly destroyed by the seasonal torrent which cut diagonally across it in later times that it is impossible to determine the position ...
Xeste 3
Xeste 3 is the second most fully explored building at Akrotiri. It is a large edifice, the western half of which was at least three storeys high.
Xeste 4
Marinatos devoted the fateful 1974 season at Akrotiri to the exploration of Xeste 4.
The Cyclades in the Middle Bronze Age
The Second City at Phylakopi and Kea (Ayia Irini) Phases D and F represent the stratigraphic definition of the Middle Cycladic period. The chronological ...
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