Akrotiri Quad Rental

Akrotiri Quad Rental

One of the best ways to explore Santorini at your own pace is getting an Akrotiri quad rental. It offers you an adventurous way to navigate the island without waiting around for buses or taxis. 

ATV quads are extremely popular around Akrotiri so you can often get great offers if you are prepared beforehand. 

In this guide, we will take you through the procedure of Akrotiri quad rentals and offer tips on how to make the most of your adventure.

How to Rent a Quad at Akrotiri

Most people rent quads for a day but some use it as their primary mode of transportation throughout their stay. Whichever one you are, it’s always a good idea to look at your options ahead of time. 

Almost all ATV companies offer to bring the quads to the airport or ferry port and some can even offer bringing it to your hotel as per your request.

Pre-booking is recommended as you can compare prices and other amenities. On most days, you can just walk into a rental company and get one but they might not be available if there are too many tourists and they are all booked out. 

Requirements to Renting 

The minimum age to drive an ATV is 21 years. Some companies may allow 18-year-olds to rent too. 

You will also need a European license or an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) if you are non-European. Not all companies ask for an IDP but if you were to be stopped by the police, they would most likely check for it. 

Most rental agencies will ask you to put down a credit card for any possible damages to the quad. 

Make sure to also look into insurance because some travel insurance does not cover quad rentals. Rental companies may offer insurance but it’s not always full coverage which is needed if you run into an accident. 

Cost of Renting 

Akrotiri quad rentals are usually rented on a per-day basis. However, the price can go down if you are renting for multiple days. 

The costs can differ based on the size of your ATV. They start from 150cc and can go up to heavy 650cc as well. Generally, a 300cc to 400cc quad is the way to go since it covers steep areas as well while a less powerful one might struggle. 

It can also depend on the time of year you are going. For high tourist months, the prices can go up as the demand goes up.

Location can also make a difference. Quads from Fira or Oia may cost more as those are the major cities around the island whereas if you rent from another place, they might cost less. 

It can cost around €40 to €60 per day to get an Akrotiri quad rental. 

This does not include gas prices which can cost around €10 per day – usually less than that. 

All in all, it’s a cheaper option compared to car rentals or taxis around the island. 

Akrotiri Quad Rental Companies 

The top five quad rentals in no particular order are: 

  1. Moto Panos 
  2. Fresh Rent 
  3. Santorini Rent Me Love Me 
  4. Get Santorini Quad Rental
  5. Santori Rental

Tips Before Renting a Quad 

A few tips you should keep in mind before getting an Akrotiri quad rental are: 

  • Make sure to wear your helmet. It’s not only to keep yourself safe but you could also be fined for not wearing one.
  • Before going to a particular destination, look up the route beforehand as it’s quite difficult to navigate a physical or digital map while on the quad.
  • Get a quad partner especially if you are travelling for longer periods. Your thumbs and feet will need a break and it’ll be easier to ask the other person to switch with you rather than making multiple stops on the way.
  • Another thing to check before reaching a place is the parking situation. The more popular areas might charge for parking so it’s smarter to be prepared.
  • A quick reminder that cars and quads are driven on the right side of the road in Akrotiri. Also, beware of any other traffic limitations such as speed or signs.
  • Another reminder is to fill up your gas tank as soon as you get your quad as most are rented on an empty tank.  
  • Park your ATVs under a shade or cover them up because they can heat up really fast and getting back on them might create an issue in extreme temperatures.

ATV Guided Tours 

If you want to explore ATVs but are not fully confident in doing it alone, you can look up ATV guided tours. They give you the option of sitting behind a professional driver or driving on your own along with a bunch of other people so that you don’t feel completely isolated. 

Tours can be pre-booked based on what the website is offering. You can take up day-long tours or for a couple of hours only. You can also pair the quad adventure with something more like a wine tasting or sunset at the end. 

Other than the ones already available, you can have private tours based on your specific requirements and with the people you love. 

In any case, this is a great way to explore the island with the help of professionals. 

Places to Visit on your Quad 

Santorini is a fairly small island so technically, you can cover almost all of it on a quad rental. 

But if you are renting an ATV for a day, here are the top spots people visit via a quad: 

  1. Perissa Black Sand Beach 
  2. Imerovigli
  3. Megalochori
  4. Akrotiri
  5. Oia 

Of course, you can choose your destinations to your liking. That’s the beauty of the freedom you get by renting a quad! 

You can make the most of your ATV adventure in Akrotiri by choosing the right rental agency, following safety guidelines, and planning your route strategically. 

Exploring Santorini via a quad at least for a day is an essential experience to complete your tour of the island. We hope that this article has given you the confidence to do so!