akrotiri to red beach

Akrotiri to Red Beach: Walk and Bus

akrotiri to red beach walking map
map of the walk to the Red Beach from Akrotiri

Akrotiri to Red Beach Walk

  • Distance: Approximately 1.6km.
  • Terrain: Downhill, suitable for walkers of all abilities.
  • Estimated Time: Around 25 minutes, depending on your walking speed.

The walk from Akrotiri to Red Beach is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about enjoying the journey. With a distance of just 1.6km, it’s a short yet scenic route and one of the best things to do in Akrotiri.

The downhill terrain makes it accessible for everyone, from seasoned trekkers to casual strollers. Depending on your pace, you can reach the beach in about 25 minutes, giving you ample time to soak in the views and capture some memorable shots.

the iconic red beach

Fira to Akrotiri Bus

For those who prefer public transport, the bus from Fira to Akrotiri is a convenient and economical option.

At just 2 euros, it’s a steal! Akrotiri is the final stop on this route, ensuring you won’t miss your destination.

Once you alight, the sea beckons you. A short 5-minute walk will bring you to the coastline. From there, simply follow the walking path, and Red Beach awaits.

Transport ModeCostDuration
Bus (Fira to Akrotiri)2 eurosVaries
Taxi (Akrotiri to Red Beach)7 euros10 minutes

Taxi from Akrotiri to Red Beach

For those in a hurry or those who prefer a more comfortable journey, a taxi is a great choice. It will cost you 7 euros and in a swift 10 minutes, you’ll be at the Red Beach, ready to dip your toes in the sand.

Walking to the red beach from Akrotiri

Is Red Beach Worth a Visit?

Absolutely! Its unique red-hued cliffs and crystal-clear waters make it a must-visit spot in Santorini. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a beach lover, or just someone looking to relax, Red Beach has something for everyone.