The 5 Best Beaches in Akrotiri, Santorini

Apart from the rich history that you get to witness at Santorini, there are many beautiful beaches which you can visit especially in the  Akrotiri area. 

You can make a day trip, or even stay for multiple days at Akrotiri. There’s many things to do in Akrotiri, such as the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Akrotiri Lighthouse, and a number of breathtaking beaches that we are going to be discussing in this article. 

Best Beaches in Akrotiri

Akrotiri Santorini beaches are not to be confused with the beaches on the Akrotiri peninsula which is on the island of Crete. 

Akrotiri on the island of Santorini is a small village whose main attraction is the Archaeological Site. 

However, the closest beach to this place is the infamous Red Beach. (Contrary to what you may see on Instagram, its not a pink sand beach but infact red sand!)

Other beaches near the caldera side include Caldera Beach, Balos Beach, and Gialos Beach. 

Beaches lying on the south of Akrotiri include White Beach, Almyra Beach, and as mentioned, Red Beach. 

We’ll highlight the details of the main beaches along with information on how to get there. 

Red Beach

Also known as ‘Kokkini Paralia’ by locals, Red Beach is the most popular beach in Santorini by far. 

This beach is a refreshing change from the many black beaches found on Santorini island. 

The beach has a unique red charactaristic. But why is the Red Beach red?

That’s because of the cliffs surrounding it that were made from a volcanic eruption. 

Even the sand and rocks are reddish in color. They can appear pink in pictures but there really are no pink sand beaches in Santorini. 

Because of this color, and the fact that it’s surrounded by parts of a volcano, Red Beach is usually warmer than other areas of the island. 

The Red Beach

There are many vendors and canteens around the beach so you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies. Plus umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented to save yourself from the extreme heat. 

While it’s praised for its uniqueness, Red Beach is actually not safe as the authorities have warned many times that there’s a risk of landslide. 

But because of its incredible popularity, hordes of tourists still make their way to this beach every year.

Due to this, and the relatively  narrow entrance, expect to be in slow moving queues getting on and off the beach. 

If you plan on going, follow the safety guidelines and don’t get too close to the cliffs. Read our in-depth guide on visiting the red beach for more information.

How to Get to Red Beach

Red Beach is accessible by both sea and land so you can take a boat, car, or bus there. 

Buses usually drop you off at Akrotiri, then you have to walk down to the beach. Cars also have to be parked at the Archaeological Site and people can walk from there. 

Boats provide the added advantage of seeing the beach from all angles. There are also cruises available for the Red Beach. 

White Beach

White Beach is also called Lefki Ammos (white sand) or Lefki Paralia (white beach) by the locals. 

The sand is not white here as the name suggests since it has rocks and gravel. However, the cliffs surrounding the beach are somewhat white in color. 

There are no nearby restaurants or amenities so, it’s best to come prepared with food and water.

Also, there are only a few umbrellas that can be rented, so sunscreen is essential in case you don’t find any shade. 

How to Get to White Beach 

This beach is in a secluded area that is only accessible by sea. You can take a boat from Red Beach which will then bring you to White Beach. 

Other options to get there would be to hire a kayak or a yacht. 

Caldera Beach

As the name indicates, you can see the caldera on Santorini island from this beach. 

A caldera is a depression that forms after a volcanic eruption. This is now filled with water which you can see from the beach. 

It is a fairly small beach with black sand and a few rocks. It’s mostly quiet with a few taverns lining the area. 

Swimming, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving is available here. 

There is a restaurant called Remezzo which is on the shore of this beach and is liked by many tourists. 

How to Get to Caldera Beach

Getting to Caldera Beach is fairly easy as there is a proper road leading to it that begins from Fira and ends at Akrotiri

You can go by car or take a public bus. 

Almyra Beach

A lesser known, isolated beach is Almyra Beach which is a few kilometers away from Akrotiri. 

Among the hustle and bustle at other beaches, coming to this beach will offer you some peace and quiet. 

It is a picturesque location with crystal clear waters, small pebbles, and grand cliffs that were carved by nature. The cliffs also have burrows which are used by locals. 

There aren’t many amenities on this beach since few people visit it. But you can still get a few things from nearby. There’s also a fish tavern where the chef cooks fresh fish. 

How to Get to Almyra Beach

Getting to Almyra Beach is possible by both sea and land. Access via car is difficult as there is only a dirt road leading up to it.

There is no option for public buses here. 

The distance from Fira is about 15km while there is only around 3km between Akrotiri and Almyra Beach. 

Kambia Beach

Another lesser-known place is Kambia Beach which lies between the two popular ones; Red Beach and White Beach. 

It also has a distinct red color but it’s not as prominent as the Red Beach. 

There are a few taverns and shops nearby so it’s not completely isolated but still fairly peaceful. 

The beach has tons of rocks which make walking near the water more and more difficult. It’s a good idea to pack swimming shoes when coming to visit beaches in Santorini. 

How to Get to Kambia Beach

It is accessible by both land and sea. For the sea route, you could go on a boat or cruise. 

As for land, there are no public buses that go to Kambia Beach but private cars can be taken there. 

Although there is a dirt road leading up to it, cars can manage and be parked there.

If the weather allows, you can also hike to get there. Make sure you are fit and able to undertake the journey because it can get pretty rough.

Other Beaches In Santorini

There are many magnificent beaches near Akrotiri but that’s not all that this island has to offer. You will find other spectacular beaches in Santorini. 

Popular beaches are found in the villages of Kamari and Perissa namely Kamari Beach and Perissa Beach. Both are black sand beaches that have many luxuries on their shore. 

Less popular but equally beautiful beaches include Perivolos Beach, Vlychada Beach, and Monolithos Beach. 

Which Beach Should I Go To in Akrotiri

It can get overwhelming to pick beaches from the many options available. You may feel like you missed out on a great opportunity if you don’t visit a particular beach. 

A good idea would be to plan your beach trips based on which village you’re staying at.

If you’ve got a hotel room in Akrotiri, then this article will be very helpful for you in deciding which beach to pick.

Another thing to consider is if you’d like to visit the more touristy spots or do you prefer to discover quieter places. Because as you must have learned from this article, Akrotiri offers a variety of beaches.

It’s hard to declare one beach as the nicest and best one at Akrotiri, Santorini. Rest assured, whichever ones you pick, they will all bring you special experiences and memories. 

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