best place to stay in santorini for honeymoon

Best Santorini Honeymoon Hotels: Full 2023 Guide

Ah, Santorini. The epitome of romantic getaways, a jewel of the Aegean Sea, and the dream honeymoon destination for many couples worldwide.

Boasting idyllic scenery, breath-taking sunsets, and crystal-clear waters, it’s no wonder that this picturesque island is a favorite among lovebirds amongst a romantic selection of other greek islands such as Mykonos.

But where is the best place to stay in Santorini for your honeymoon?

Fear not! We’ve done the research for you.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from budget-friendly accommodations to exclusive luxurious retreats, with a special emphasis on hotels.

Pack your bags and prepare for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

An Introduction to Santorini

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to know what makes Santorini so unique.

Aside from its incredible beauty, Santorini is home to a range of luxury hotels and 5-star suites, perfect for couples.

The island’s most romantic town is Imerovigli, while Oia offers the perfect balance of activity and tranquility. If you’re after a quieter scene, consider Firostefani, a peaceful extension of Fira.

Top Honeymoon Hotels in Santorini

Here are our top picks for the best places to stay in Santorini for your honeymoon (see details on each hotel below):

  1. Athina Luxury Suites
  2. Grace Santorini Hotel
  3. Katikies
  4. Santorini Secret Suites & Spa
  5. Apanemo Hotel & Suites
  6. Astro Palace Hotel & Suites
  7. Cavo Bianco Boutique Hotel & Spa
  8. Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle
  9. Andronis Luxury Suites
  10. Adronis Boutique Hotel

1. Athina Luxury Suites: Perched atop the cliffs of Fira, Athina Luxury Suites offers breathtaking views of the caldera and the azure Aegean Sea. These suites are known for their minimalist design, private terraces, and heated plunge pools. Each suite is tailored to provide comfort and luxury, ensuring your honeymoon is unforgettable.

2. Grace Santorini Hotel: Grace Santorini Hotel, located in the beautiful village of Imerovigli, is renowned for its unparalleled views of the Santorini sunset. This luxurious hotel features a renowned infinity pool, elegant rooms, and top-notch service. With its fantastic restaurant and cocktail bar, you’ll have everything you need for the perfect honeymoon retreat.

3. Katikies: Situated in the charming town of Oia, Katikies is a blend of traditional Greek architecture and modern luxury. The hotel boasts multiple infinity pools, a rooftop restaurant, and private terraces that offer spectacular views of the caldera. Here, you can expect to be pampered with world-class services and amenities.

4. Santorini Secret Suites & Spa: Nestled in Oia, Santorini Secret Suites & Spa is a combination of privacy, luxury, and jaw-dropping views. The suites offer private hot tubs or plunge pools, while the hotel’s spa ensures your utmost relaxation. The in-house restaurant offers mouth-watering local and international cuisine that you can enjoy with a backdrop of the stunning sunset.

5. Apanemo Hotel & Suites: Located in Akrotiri, Apanemo Hotel & Suites offers an idyllic and more secluded setting. This family-run hotel boasts traditional Cycladic architecture, spacious rooms, and a pool area with an incredible view of the caldera. This hotel offers a quieter, but no less luxurious, Santorini experience.

6. Astro Palace Hotel & Suites: Positioned within walking distance from Fira, Astro Palace Hotel & Suites combines convenience with luxury. It offers a range of accommodations, including suites with private pools. The hotel also features a wellness center for some honeymoon pampering.

7. Cavo Bianco Boutique Hotel & Spa: Cavo Bianco, located in Kamari, is a boutique hotel that presents a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The hotel offers luxury rooms, some with private pools or hot tubs, a wellness center, and easy access to the famous black sand beach of Kamari.

8. Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle: Offering some of the most exclusive views in Oia, Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle bring luxury and history together. The accommodations are nestled in Oia’s castle neighborhood and offer panoramic caldera views, sumptuous suites, and ultimate privacy.

9. Andronis Luxury Suites: Situated in Oia, Andronis Luxury Suites is a luxurious establishment known for its elegance and world-class service. The hotel features cave-style suites, private infinity pools, and a high-end restaurant serving a unique blend of traditional and modern cuisine. Its spa, Mare Sanus, provides a soothing sanctuary for body and mind wellness.

10. Adronis Boutique Hotel: Part of the larger Adronis family of hotels, this boutique option is also located in Oia. With only a handful of suites, the Adronis Boutique Hotel offers an intimate and romantic setting with private hot tubs, stunning caldera views, and beautifully designed interiors.

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Accommodations

Being mindful of your budget shouldn’t mean skimping on your dream honeymoon experience.

Santorini, renowned for its luxury hotels and resorts, also offers an impressive selection of budget-friendly accommodation for honeymooners and older couples. Here’s a closer look at some of the most affordable options:

1. Hotel Thira’s Dolphin: Located close to the heart of Fira, Hotel Thira’s Dolphin is a family-run establishment that offers comfortable rooms with private balconies, perfect for couples seeking budget-friendly options. While it may not be as extravagant as some other options, its clean rooms, friendly staff, and excellent location close to the city’s restaurants, cafes, and shops make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious honeymooners.

2. Villa Manos: Nestled in Karterados village, just a short distance from Fira, Villa Manos is a traditional Greek accommodation offering a warm and intimate atmosphere. With its own pool, a cozy bar, and clean, comfortable rooms, it provides a perfect base for exploring Santorini while adhering to a budget.

3. Hotel Lodos: Located on the outskirts of Fira, Hotel Lodos offers charming rooms within a peaceful setting. With its delightful pool area and close proximity to the lively city center, it’s an ideal pick for honeymooners looking for a budget-friendly option without missing out on the Santorini experience.

4. Hotel Sunrise: Positioned near the beach in Kamari, Hotel Sunrise offers clean, bright rooms and a hearty breakfast to start your day. Just a stone’s throw away from the beach and a variety of restaurants, it provides a balance of relaxation and activity. The welcoming and helpful staff are a bonus.

5. Villa Olympia: Overlooking Perivolos and Perissa Beach, Villa Olympia offers spacious rooms in a tranquil setting. This budget-friendly option also includes a pool, a poolside bar, and beautiful sea views. It’s the perfect backdrop for romantic moments without going over budget.

Remember, a delightful stay in Santorini doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Each of these options offers its own unique charm and amenities, ensuring your honeymoon is as unforgettable as it is affordable.

Best honeymoon hotels in santorini with private pool

For many honeymooners, nothing beats the luxury and privacy of having your own pool.

It’s an indulgence that allows you to unwind in style, offering you and your partner a secluded space to relax and celebrate your new journey together.

Santorini has a plethora of hotel options that include private pools. Let’s explore some of the best choices:

1. Athina Luxury Suites: Situated on the cliffs of Fira, Athina Luxury Suites offers stunning views and luxury accommodations. Their private terraces with heated plunge pools add a touch of romance and exclusivity, creating a perfect environment for a honeymoon.

2. Hotel Aspaki by Art Maisons: Hotel Aspaki provides a seamless blend of luxury and privacy, with cave-style rooms that come with their own private pools. Overlooking the caldera, the private pool provides an idyllic spot for relaxation and indulgence.

3. La Perla Villas & Suites: Located in Oia, La Perla offers traditional and modern villas, most of which come with their own private pool or hot tub. The infinity edge pools offer panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the caldera, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

4. Santo Pure Oia Suites and Villas: Santo Pure Oia Suites and Villas boasts minimalist aesthetics and luxurious features, including suites with private infinity pools. The combination of chic design, privacy, and stunning views makes it a sought-after choice for honeymooners.

5. Andronis Luxury Suites: Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia offers cave-style suites, each equipped with a private infinity pool that overlooks the vast Aegean Sea. The unique, luxurious setting provides an intimate atmosphere perfect for newlyweds.

6. Adronis Boutique Hotel: Adronis Boutique Hotel, located in Oia, ensures an intimate and exclusive stay. With only a handful of suites, each one offers private hot tubs or pools and stunning views of the caldera.

7. Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel: Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel is known for its minimalist elegance and exquisite services. The suites feature private plunge pools where you can unwind while taking in the breathtaking views.

Price Ranges in Santorini: What to Expect

When planning a honeymoon in Santorini, one of the essential aspects to consider is the accommodation cost. The price range can vary significantly based on the type of hotel, its location, and the amenities offered. So, let’s delve deeper into the pricing structure of honeymoon hotels in this picturesque island paradise.

Luxurious Honeymoon Hotels

For honeymooners seeking the utmost luxury and privacy, there are several high-end hotel options. For instance, a night at the Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel, known for its opulence and stunning caldera views, could cost around $1,000. This price includes luxuriously appointed suites with private pools where you can unwind and bask in the magnificent vistas.

Another luxurious option, La Perla Villas and Suites, renowned for its stylish villas and sweeping sea views, might set you back around $900 per night. This price typically covers a comfortable stay in an elegantly furnished villa with a private pool or hot tub.

Prices at these establishments reflect the high standard of services, amenities, and, of course, the spectacular views they offer.

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Hotels

On the other hand, Santorini is equally accommodating for couples on a budget, without compromising the island’s quintessential charm and romance. Based on data from Expedia, average prices for more budget-friendly honeymoon hotels in Santorini start at around $161 per night.

These budget options often include clean, comfortable accommodations in convenient locations, friendly service, and even amenities like pools or sea views. They offer excellent value for money, allowing couples to enjoy the beauty and romantic ambiance of Santorini without burning a hole in their wallet.

Seasonal Price Fluctuations and Booking in Advance

Do remember, hotel prices in Santorini can fluctuate throughout the year, largely due to seasonal demand. Peak tourist season (summer months) usually sees higher prices due to increased demand.

Conversely, prices can drop during the shoulder (spring and fall) and off-peak (winter) seasons.

Additionally, booking well in advance can often secure better rates. Many hotels offer early bird discounts, and having flexibility in your travel dates can help you snag a great deal.

Lastly, keep an eye out for special promotions or packages, especially those tailored for honeymooners.

These can sometimes include extra perks like a free bottle of wine, a romantic dinner, spa services, or even a sunset cruise.

No matter what your budget is, Santorini offers a broad spectrum of accommodations to make your honeymoon as luxurious or as affordable as you desire. Just remember to plan, research, and book in advance to secure the best deals for your dream honeymoon.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages in Santorini

One way to simplify your honeymoon planning while ensuring a stress-free, luxurious experience is to opt for an all-inclusive honeymoon package.

In Santorini, a number of hotels and resorts offer comprehensive packages that cover nearly every aspect of your romantic escape, making them a popular choice for newlyweds.

Let’s take a closer look at what these all-inclusive packages typically entail and what kind of budget you can expect to set.

What Does an All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package Include?

All-inclusive honeymoon packages are designed to provide a complete holiday experience, freeing you from the hassle of organizing each detail of your trip separately.

While what’s included can vary greatly from one hotel to another, here are some common elements that most all-inclusive packages cover:

  1. Accommodation: Of course, your suite or room is included. Depending on the package, you may be able to choose from a variety of room types, from standard rooms to deluxe suites with private pools.
  2. Meals: Most all-inclusive packages cover at least two meals a day (breakfast and dinner are the most common), while some offer three meals. Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are sometimes included as well.
  3. Activities: Some packages include a range of activities. This could include things like guided tours of the island, wine tasting sessions, massages, sunset cruises, or even water sports.
  4. Extras: Many hotels offer honeymoon extras as part of their packages, like a bottle of wine upon arrival, a romantic dinner for two, spa treatments, or private transfers.

Pricing and Value for Money

As for pricing, honeymoon packages can start at around $1687 per person for a 7-day stay, according to Honeymoon Always.

This price typically covers accommodation, meals, and some activities or services. It’s important to note that while this might seem like a large sum upfront, these packages often provide good value for money.

When you consider the cost of booking everything separately – accommodation, meals, activities, etc. – the package can often come out cheaper.

Final Words

Santorini is a dream honeymoon destination, and with its wide range of hotels, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re seeking a luxury retreat with a private pool, a budget-friendly stay, or an all-inclusive package,

Santorini has it all. With this guide, we hope we’ve made your decision a little easier. Here’s to a memorable honeymoon in the beautiful island of Santorini!